"Not only were PAC Screen Workshops my introduction to filmmaking, but almost a decade on, I still regularly collaborate with several filmmakers & actors I met in the workshops, whom I now call my closest friends, including my film partner, Stevie Cruz-Martin. PAC Screen Workshops create such an incredible space to experiment, learn & grown within a supportive community of like-minded peers. I would heartily recommend the workshops to all emerging filmmakers and actors."
Daniel Monks, actor/filmmaker/dancer, Heath Ledger Scholarship Finalist 2017; WA Young Filmmaker of the Year 2014
"I reckon PAC Screen Workshops are essential for directors to spot and work with a whole heap of the up and coming Perth acting talent. The workshops serve as great practice for sharpening your skills as a director without the normal pressures that can distract you when you are shooting for real. You can try out all your crazy ideas which you're not completely sure about, as a test run."
Maziar Lahooti, screen writer & director
"PAC Screen Workshops provide the most vibrant meeting & learning place for WA's independent filmmakers that I know. By participation in the now legendary courses, I was opened to many techniques upon which I continue to base my directorial approach. If Annie ran them here in London or Mumbai, I'd still go! They're superb!"
Christopher Watson, director/writer whose first feature film 'The Rainbow Tribe' was nominated for 5 awards, including Best Pic, Best Dir, Best Sound, Best Supporting Actor and Outstanding Cast overall.
"I came out of PAC Workshops feeling inspired. It's amazing, you know... I attended the workshops fairly constantly for over 5 years and I kept learning stuff that I know made me a better filmmaker."
Ben Young, writer/director; WA Young Filmmaker of the Year 2005. Ben's first feature film "Hounds of Love" has received rave reviews at film festivals worldwide: Best Actress at Venice FF (Ashleigh Cummings), Best Actress at Brussels FF (Emma Booth), Best Director at Brussels FF, Best Feature at Overlook FF, Audience Award at Overlook FF, Ben first started working with his lead actress Emma Booth in PAC Screen Workshops.
"I started doing screen workshops with Annie as a teenager and still always relish the chance to have a refresher class when in town. Whilst on tour in Perth with 'Wicked' the musical, a group of my fellow cast members and I had a wonderful and insightful time brushing up on our screen acting skills with a tailor-made series of workshops Annie put together and taught us."
Lucy Durack, actor/singer - star of musicals: Wicked, Legally Blonde, Wizard of Oz; and feature files Goddess & Now Add Honey,
"I remember sitting in my first PAC class with sweaty palms... However, I realised very quickly that I'd found the safest place to begin to play. Working with Annie made me realise that acting is a profession to be proud of. She made me see that if I was to commit to a life of being an actor I must never stop practicing my craft."
Claire van der Boom - international actor who has starred in Speilberg's 'Pacific'; 'The Square'; 'Red Hill'; 'Rush'; 'Hawaii Five-O'
"I loved the classes so much that when I was back in Perth again, I went to Annie for some private lessons to help me with the next role I was to play in a musical. Annie makes you feel safe, comfortable, and not afraid to try anything. She has such a wealth of knowledge and understanding for the craft, so I was soaking it all up like a sponge."
Jemma Rix, actor/single - star of Wicked; Ghost; & Wizard of Oz musicals