PAC Screen Acting Weekend

This course is ideal for emerging or established actors who have limited experience in front of the camera or want to re-boot and re-calibrate their screen performances and screentests. Any actor who hasn’t performed in front of a camera in the past 6 months is likely to feel “rusty”  in front of a camera.  This weekend will blow out the cobwebs and leave you inspired and excited to take on your next screen role.

Annie Murtagh-Monks has been a casting director and acting coach for more than 30 years.  She has cast 42 television and film productions in WA and been acting coach on more than 18 of these productions. She is casting director and acting coach of Matchbox Pictures 60 episode TV series “The Heights”. In addition she has been a yearly sessional lecturer in screen acting at WAAPA since 1996.  Annie has coached many successful Australian actors including Emma Booth (who won the Best Actress AACTA Award for “Hounds of Love”);  Ewen Leslie (who  won Best Supporting Actor for “Top of the Lake” at the same awards); Claire van der Boom who played the lead in the TV series “Pulse”  and Lucy Durack who starred the TV series  “Sisters” and “The Letdown” . ( to read their comments on Annie’s teaching go to the home page of this website.)

Here’s feedback from a recent PAC Bootcamp:

The PAC Screen Acting Bootcamp was a much needed acting skills refresher for me! Not only it was packed with up to date skills and techniques that I can apply, but also it was delivered in a warm, friendly and professional manner and well balanced with theory and practice. I received invaluable feedback on my performance and discovered that I can perform scenes with very different approaches. A big thank you to Annie and Regg for taking the time to put this together. I feel inspired to continue my creative journey and definitely recommend this course to actors at any level!” Anna Huband

PAC Screen Acting Bootcamp is a great way to get a decent refresher as well as a clear overview of the tools and resources available to enrich a character. You get to a point where you know your character well enough to play with them in any given situation. I was challenged, given one on one constructive feedback and was also able to learn by watching my peers put theories into practice. I particularly enjoyed learning about circles of attention. It can make all the difference to the tone, engagement and believability of a scene. It was a lot of fun to identify it and see it in action. I also found being given the different secret “as ifs” a fantastic challenge to actively listen, think and react like your character. It is called a Bootcamp for a reason, it’s jam packed with very valuable information. Come energised, focused and bring a pen and note pad, you’re going to need it for all those “ah-ha” moments.” Kirsten Ibbetson

I really enjoyed the mix of theory and practice, and the enthusiasm and honesty of both Annie and Daniel in delivering feedback and offering ideas for how to improve. The class size felt comfortable, with enough people to feel energised and to learn from others, but contained enough to have personalised feedback and the opportunity to practice properly. A great weekend.” Dr Elizabeth Connor

“I just want to say a big thank you. I found the PAC Screen Acting Bootcamp really informative and my brain was swimming with new and wonderful skills and techniques to apply. Even better than that, the weekend gave me a new sense of confidence and purpose. Thank you so much for your encouragement and honest, warm teaching style. I would highly recommend this course and feel inspired to continue my creative journey, wherever it may lead me.” Charlotte Rigoli

If acting is what feeds your soul, don’t put off doing a PAC course and say “ One day..” Instead say, “This is Day One” and then get on board. Start. Now. Irrespective of your age (I’m 58) and acting experience (20 years), you will take away valuable lessons that will move you closer to where you know, in your heart of hearts, that you need to be as a performer. Annie’s knowledge, experience and warm professionalism will teach you so much about the acting profession in a very short time, with tips and techniques that only come from real life hands-on experience. The reality? Put in the work! There are no short cuts. The bonus? PAC courses, especially Screen Acting, are a hell of a lot of fun, with a great group of like minded people. Please don’t say ‘One day…’ (again). Do the Nike thing instead.” Eddie Stowers

I have always wanted to do acting training and my first criteria has always been to find a good connection with the facilitator of the training. Having done the PAC actors bootcamp training with Annie I would highly recommend her training to actors at any level who are striving for the best. Annie combines her vast experience and her intuitive insights brilliantly to bring out the best of you during her training.”
Bass Tadros – Actor, Author & Confidence Therapist

For me the most enjoyable aspect of an insightful and inspiring weekend at your PAC screen acting bootcamp was the class atmosphere. That may sound a little strange but this is a naturally competitive industry and too often during training I notice the vibe amongst the actors is that of an audition room. There is a lot of ego; striving to outshine one another, instead of actually putting aside that performance-killing, joy-killing mentality of “winning” and working as a collective unit to create something special. This class had a distinct sense of comradery about it and from what I observed and experienced, that very much attributed to the learning curb. Everyone was very noticeably interested in and supportive of everyone else and I think that reflects very well upon your skills as a coach and the way you conduct your classes. Thankyou for a fabulous weekend Annie!” Isabella Jacqueline

The best aspect of the weekend was the warm, safe environment Annie created. I find sometimes acting classes can feel like a competition but Annie made it a friendly place where we were free to explore and grow by taking risks in our acting and not worry about being perfect or right. It was lovely to see a group of actors supporting each other and learning from each other rather than competing and I think that comes down to the environment that Annie created .” Chloe

This boot camp is suitable for actors aged between 16 years and 85.  It will run over two days Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 4:30pm at The Backlot Studio. Numbers are strictly limited so enrol now for this workshop.  Course fee  $350 +  GST is required to secure your place.

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