PAC Voice/Voice Over

PAC offers weekly Voice Classes for actors and others wishing to improve their speaking voice. These are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm- 9:30pm. These intensive voice lessons will be taught by professional voice teacher & acting coach Annie Murtagh-Monks. The classes explore techniques to develop the instrument of your voice, discover ways to rectify impediments and as well, learn skills required to record voice overs for radio and TV. Participants are able to work on their repertoire of audition pieces or monologues or speeches they may wish to perform. Classes will be held in person and final lesson is in a recording studio.

“Super excited to announce I’ve secured voice over artist work for a radio station! I’d like to thank PAC Screen Workshops as I gained a myriad of skills, and learnt so much from doing the PAC Voice Over Course. I highly recommend booking yourself in for any of Annie’s courses!” Liv Richardson 2022

“PAC Voice course was a fantastic avenue for me to dip my toe into voice work. As an actor I wanted to learn more about voice, however I also found that the daily voice warmups helped me to look after my voice as a high school teacher. I would certainly recommend PAC Voice.” Jessica Shallcross

“I really enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend it.  I think the best aspect of the course was the feedback you provided – both to myself and the other participants.  I learnt so much from this and am continuing to digest and take it on board.  I also enjoyed hearing about your experiences and the insight you provided into voice overs/using your voice in acting.  I wouldn’t change anything, although themes for performing each week might be a fun addition! PAC Voice was course fun, insightful and such a valuable learning opportunity which I would highly recommend!” Kind regards, Helen Walters

“PAC Voice course was eye-opening to the potential your voice has if taken care of and worked on properly. I was so enlightened by the exercises and techniques Annie showed me to improve not only my voice, making it more resonate, but my pronunciation, making my delivery of words more articulate and clear. I am empowered knowing that voice work can be used for a range of mediums and I look forward to applying what I learnt in the Voice course to take my voice further in my own work and career”. Jessica Brooke

Thank you so much for the most enjoyable course. For me the PAC voice course was an exciting creative learning curve. With so much helpful information, relaxed surroundings and a great bunch of people. With Annie’s knowledge and the very favourable cost this course is a real beauty. I don’t think there is anything needs changed. Personally I found the recordings in the class less daunting than I thought and really enjoyed hearing myself.” Suzanne Bennett

“I’m so glad I was able to enrol in the PAC Voiceover class. I would definitely recommend it to others, I genuinely got so much out of it. I thought it was a very comprehensive class, the environment really nurturing and I thought the content was broad and informative. I thought the warm ups and explanation of the various articulators and resonators was really beneficial and will be taking that onboard for my acting and singing life. I wouldn’t change a thing, other than perhaps add an extra week in at the studio as I enjoyed it so much!  I signed up to just work on my voice and breath, but ended up finding a really keen interest in voiceover work, so thank you very much for that.” Charlotte Dee

Numbers are strictly limited so enrol now for the next PAC Voice/ Voice Over course . The 6 week evening course costs $350 includes GST. Payment can be made from this website via PayPal.

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